Record Store Day is Today – April 16, 2016 !

Just a quick reminder to get up and get out of the chair and get yourself down to your local Record Shop today. Record stores will have lots of new vinyl record releases and if you haven’t been to a record shop in a while you will be amazed at how the market for vinyl has grown over the last 10 years.

Vinyl records were given up for dead 20 years ago…..but the there was always a hard core of enthusiasts who realized that “digital” music was like listening to music from inside a tin drum. Their numbers have grown steadily to the point that while vinyl records are currently the fastest growing channel for the music industry. So dig out your old vinyl and pick up some of the new 180g virgin vinyl releases and give them a listen….there’s no better way to listen to recorded music than on vinyl!

HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY….Today and Everyday!