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Welcome to our New 45rpm Record Adapter Word Press Site!

I rediscovered my turntable and records about 10 years ago…and had lost my 45rpm turntable adapter to play my 45’s. I have always been a little obsessive compulsive and went on a major search for 45rpm record adapters as far as the neighboring town. Finally found some 2nd hand 45rpm insert adapters at a record shop about 10 miles east of my home town and they were selling them for a buck a piece. It got me thinking…perhaps I could get some and put them up online at a reasonable price.  Initially I was selling exclusively on e-Bay and eventually developed my 45rpmrecordadapters.com website using the old Microsoft “FrontPage” software. Over the years it became more and more out-dated and the software was no longer meeting current web standards.

This new WordPress site was built with a lot of professional help from Paul Curwen of Mango Advertising and Design…and he has been tremendous to work with. About 5 years ago I had had a very bad experience with another web design outfit…and was very cautious in picking another developer. I hope you like our new site…and we can be of help to you in enjoying your turntables and records for many years to come.

We promise to stand behind every one of our 45rpm insert and turntable adapters…and you can be assured they will work properly on your stereo equipment.

Peace and Love to All!


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