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A calling card should stand out, make a positive impression and be so unique people will remember you in a positive way…like a custom 45rpm Insert adapter business/calling card with all your key contact information.

Here are a few custom 45rpm Record Adapter business / calling cards we’ve made to date:

DJ Squirt adapter

DJ Squirt 45rpm record adapter business card

Kent Kallberg Photographer’s 45rpm calling card

My 45rpm Record Adapter business card…in blue!


Record Store Day is Today – April 16, 2016 !

Just a quick reminder to get up and get out of the chair and get yourself down to your local Record Shop today. Record stores will have lots of new vinyl record releases and if you haven’t been to a record shop in a while you will be amazed at how the market for vinyl has grown over the last 10 years.

Vinyl records were given up for dead 20 years ago…..but the there was always a hard core of enthusiasts who realized that “digital” music was like listening to music from inside a tin drum. Their numbers have grown steadily to the point that while vinyl records are currently the fastest growing channel for the music industry. So dig out your old vinyl and pick up some of the new 180g virgin vinyl releases and give them a listen….there’s no better way to listen to recorded music than on vinyl!

HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY….Today and Everyday!


Custom 45rpm Record Adapter Necklaces for Music Festivals!

Make your festival really memorable with a custom imprinted 45rpm record adapter necklace.  We can design the custom imprint for the record adapters and produce the the music fest necklaces for you JunoFestNecklace-BlueYellowin a variety of colors. These custom adapter necklaces are ideal for:

  • music festival souvenirs
  • admission tags to the festival and related events
  • fund raising for the festival
  • identification of music fest staff and volunteers

These were produced as a bonus for the 2016 Canadian Music JUNOfest in Calgary….where the JUNOfest producers placed an order for custom imprinted adapters to reward their festival volunteers. We sent along some custom printed 45rpm adapter necklaces as a special bonus with the imprinted record adapters.




New “Matterhorn” 45rpm Turntable Adapters


We’ve just expanded our line to include a new “Matterhorn” professional 45rpm turntable record adapter.

The Matterhorn is a technical improvement over a standard “dome” shaped turntable adapter. Slightly taller, with a more pointed top and a significantly steeper slope the Matterhorn adapter maximizes the speed and ease with which you can place a 45 rpm record on and off your turntable. Made out of solid aluminum and beautifully finished the Matterhorn is a nice way to upgrade your turntable.

Peace and love to all!


Hello World

Welcome to our New 45rpm Record Adapter Word Press Site!

I rediscovered my turntable and records about 10 years ago…and had lost my 45rpm turntable adapter to play my 45’s. I have always been a little obsessive compulsive and went on a major search for 45rpm record adapters as far as the neighboring town. Finally found some 2nd hand 45rpm insert adapters at a record shop about 10 miles east of my home town and they were selling them for a buck a piece. It got me thinking…perhaps I could get some and put them up online at a reasonable price.  Initially I was selling exclusively on e-Bay and eventually developed my website using the old Microsoft “FrontPage” software. Over the years it became more and more out-dated and the software was no longer meeting current web standards.

This new WordPress site was built with a lot of professional help from Paul Curwen of Mango Advertising and Design…and he has been tremendous to work with. About 5 years ago I had had a very bad experience with another web design outfit…and was very cautious in picking another developer. I hope you like our new site…and we can be of help to you in enjoying your turntables and records for many years to come.

We promise to stand behind every one of our 45rpm insert and turntable adapters…and you can be assured they will work properly on your stereo equipment.

Peace and Love to All!